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We have a presentation delivered for the 
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
as a presentation for their e-Medicine series; delivered March 17th 
"The COVID Variants: Science, Pharmacology and Challenges"  Click Here
our newest publication (see below) in the Intnl J Radiation Biology

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We have decided to retire several aspects of this web site.  After 54 years in the pharmaceutical development business and medical imaging, it is time to devote my time to other ventures.  
We will continue to provide a variety of  educational presentations,  academic papers and scientific contributions, and the opportunities to engage in academic discussions and foster new friends and colleagues will continue.
Scientific education has been a guiding mission and I hope anyone using this site has found new insights and ideas to further advance their research and education.

We will leave this page up for a limited time as it contains published information and useful imaging and radiobiology links