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BRMoyer & Associates, LLC

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Consultants in Drug and Biologics Development.   Focused areas of interest:  Applied Imaging Technologies, Pharmacokinetics, Radiobiology, Physical Toxicology (radiation, microwaves, energy exposures), Biodosimetry, Model Systems Development, and RegulatoryApproaches

A New Hampshire-based organization, our team has over 150 years in combined experience in developing nuclear medicine and MR contrast agent products and experience in developing medical countermeasures for pathologies related to radiation and chemical injury.  We have a wide background in the control of such exposures includes instrumentation, dermal, inhalation, and oral routes.  Radiation exposure dosimetry, sources, and assessments of internal contamination are from year of  academic and biotechnology industry research. 

Our Goals are Your Goals:  We can aid in your quest for animal models of disease, toxicology and efficacy studies, analytical testing processes, statistical assessments, PK/PD/TK analyses, process development and manufacturing, pre-clinical and clinical protocol designs, subcontractor site visits and FDA submissions: 
Our diverse backgrounds and broad industry contacts allows us to bring the expertise that is needed to specific problem solving opportunities in the diverse biotechnology fields.

Mr Moyer's Expertise: Mr Moyer is currently a Sr Scientific Advisor for CBRN medical countermeasures and radiation dosimetry in mass casualty chemical and radiation events (IND, RDD and RED) for BARDA (HHS/ASPR, US Gov; Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, Washington, DC; retired from full time contractor activities in July 2016 and brought back in July 2017). Mr Moyer has also been conferred Emeritus status by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board in 2017. 


He is a Clinical Pharmacologist who has specialized in the development and clinical uses for imaging agents in both nuclear (PET/SPECT) and MRI (Gd, Mn and Dy). A specialist in PK/PD analysis and models of disease he has worked in the fields of infection/sepsis, vascular, hematopoietic, neurologic, gastrointestinal, renal, hepatic, pulmonary, and bone pain. Significant participation in the approvals of 8 drug NDAs and 3 BLAs and other product experience with Mabs, Nabs, cell therapies, recombinant proteins, peptides and glycan drug development.

Consultant services options:  Mr. Moyer has been contracted by HHS/BARDA as a Special Government Employee/ Consultant/ SME Sr Science Advisor for the radiation medical countermeasures group which prohibits his participation as a consult or to work on projects for or involving BARDA or the US Government.   This work assignment will preclude any medical countermeasure development work related to the BARDA portfolio ( until his service period has ended.  All other development work where we may be able to assist you, is welcomed.  


Please contact us using our Contact Page if you have any questions or request for services.  


This month is a 2020 study on Tau Imaging:  December 2021 Image of the month

Imaging of the brain for Tau protein distributions is a key to setting up ways to measure drug efficacy.  Without a standard (imaging or otherwise) that is reproducible, implicates disease, and represents the natural history of dementia, then measures to determine effectual change from drugs and biologics is unattainable.  Tau protein is concentrated precisely where brain atrophy is most severe giving a better correlation to brain deficits than does amyloid. 

Image:  Tau PET brain scans (green) in early clinical-stage Alzheimer’s patients accurately predict the location of brain atrophy measured by MRI 1–2 years later (magenta). Amyloid PET imaging (blue) does not predict the location of either tau or future brain atrophy.

Alzheimer ‘Tau’ Protein Far Surpasses Amyloid in Predicting Toll on Brain Tissue

Tau PET Brain Imaging Could Launch Precision Medicine Era for Alzheimer’s Disease

By Nicholas Weiler. A UCSF "News and Media" writeup from Jan 2020 (this topic has again become a driving effort in neuroimaging).

A new update (June 2021) on radiation injury and the endothelium is available as a Part 1 and Part 2 package.  The concept was to identify the Endothelium as a multitude of different targets susceptible to reactive oxygen speices (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (NOS).;  The endothelium is a complex of pharmacologic mechanisms that all interplay for a target tissue that literally is connected intimately with every fucntional system in the body.  Emphasis on vascular functions, coagulopathies and nuclear signaling processes is provided. 

Part 1 Click HERE  ~~~~~  Part 2 Click HERE