Guidance Images and Examples Guidance Images and Examples Knowledge versus Experience We do connect the dots for you and your project 190939566 Ionizing Radiation Depth Dose Curves Four different types of ionizing radiation are depicted: Co-60, X-ray, LINAC and accelerated heavy ions. 190939568 Government Descriptors of Technology Readiness Levels The Government uses these levels to assign contract progress and to denote the WBS (work breakdown structure) needed assignments for advanced development to licensure. 190939567 A quote from Carl Sagan 190939569 191362781 191362782 191362783 191362784 How do DRUGS work? Populatiion responses to drugs are important to consider. 205643817 191362785 One day after a cytokine therapy DNA proliferation as seen by autoradiography of C-14 BrdU 191363351 A systems Pharmacology view of life From birth to death we are held within physiologic boundaries. System "functions" are seen as wave functions where at the end of life the excursions become more abundant and life threatening. 205643819 3 days after a cytokine therapy DNA proliferation as seen by autoradiography of C-14 BrdU 191363352 Imaging and systems pharmacology 205643820 191363353 Where does "Imaging fit in the Systems View of Pharmacology? A pseudo-Venn diagram of the role of imaging in systems approaches to pharmacology questions. 205643821 Renal tubule reclamation of a cytokine Glomerular filtration followed by renal tubular reabsorption 191363354 205643826 Phase "0" clinical trial development path 191363355 205643827 ROC Curve analysis 191363356 205643828 Qjuality Assurance scoring Spider Chart 191363357 205643829 RECIST scoring 191363358 205643830 FDA Development Path 191363359 205643831 200109479 205643832 205643833 205643834 205643835 205643836 Solar Eclipse seen in St Louis MO Aug 21, 2017 205643837 Oxycontin painting in a home in LA 205643838