BIG DATA -  2015 NBC Extended Symposium Presentations
A prelude to the goal of a publication in the AAPS Journal on "Big Data in Biotechnology"
These presentations were given at the June 8th Extended Symposium at NBC in San Francisco
The presentations are for the author's use ONLY to help us publish a cohesive language - single theme issue on "Big Data in Biotechnology" for the AAPS Journal.  The content of each of the talks are thus copyrighted and unavailable without the author's permissions. 

A formal "Thank You"  to all of the Speakers for your presentations at the BIG DATA Extended Symposium at the National Biotechnology Conference in San Francisco. 

These are provided here for you for our common effort to make a single themed issue of the AAPS Journal.  I am hopeful we can create the various "summary documents  we will need for the publication. 

With a lot of gratitude for your participation at the 2015 NBC Big Data Symposium.

Best regards,

Brian R. Moyer

BRMoyer & Associates, LLC

Amherst, NH

Symposium Organizer